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CoSys Lab
Collaborative Systems Laboratory


Collaborative Systems Laboratory (CoSys Lab) was founded in 2008. The major research topics in this lab include Collaboration Theory, Technologies, Systems, and Applications (Role-Based Collaboration and Adaptive Collaboration), Complex Systems, Logistics Systems, Human-Machine Systems, CSCW (Computer-Supported Cooperative Work), Multi-Agent Systems, Software Engineering, and Distributed Intelligent Systems.

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Since the CoSys Lab was founded, numerous research results have been published and many researchers have worked in this lab. This lab has accomplished (organized/published/accepted) one summer school, one monograph, one copyrighted software product, six conference proceedings, six book chapters, four IEEE Magazine editorials, 90+ journal articles including 40+ IEEE Transactions papers, and 80+ conference papers. The CoSys Lab has originally contributed to the academic community the methodology of Role-Based Collaboration (RBC) and the Environments – Classes, Agents, Roles, Groups, and Objects (E-CARGO) model to the fields of systems engineering and complex systems. The long-term research on RBC and E-CARGO has impacted the related areas significantly. The Lab’s work has formalized and solved many abstract problems in collaboration and complex systems, such as, Role Transfer (RT), Group Role Assignment (GRA), GRA with Constraints (GRA+), GRA with Multiple Objectives (GRA++), and Adaptive Collaboration (AC).

The CoSys Lab has obtained over $1M funds from Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC), National Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada (NSERC), IEEE SMCS, IBM, Defense Research and Development Centre, Canada (DRDC), and Ontario Partnership of Innovation Commercialization, Canada (OPIC).


Personnel Training

The CoSys Lab has trained and been training the following Highly Qualified Personnel (HQP) since 2008

  • Adjunct Professor: Dr. Luca Ferrari.

  • PostDoc Research Fellows: Drs. Hua MA, Dongning LIU, Jiehan Zhou, Renata SMOLIKOVA-WACHOWIAK, and Behzad AKBARI.

  • Visiting Scholars: Prof. Yanni Li, Drs. Youfa WANG, Jie YANG, and Hongyu ZHANG, and Mr. Zhen CHEN.

  • PhD students: Mozhdeh Noroozi R A, Ying GUO, Xianjun ZHU, Yin SHENG, Linyuan LIU. 

  • Graduate students: Tianshuo YANG, Chengyu PENG, Zhe YU, Zhihao Peng, Baoying HUANG, Pinzhi WANG, Bo LEI, Baoying HUANG, Zhihao PENG, Mingjun LU, Siqin ZHANG, Dalia Almaatani.

  • Many undergraduate students, short-term visiting graduate students and researchers. 


Collaborative Systems Laboratory (CoSys Lab)

Room R230, Nipissing University

100 College Drive, Box 5002

North Bay, ON P1B 8L7

Tel: (705) 474-3450 ext 4048

Fax: (705) 474-1947

Tty: 877-688-5507

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